Meal Plan: Week of September 30

Hello, friends.  Sorry that I skipped out on y’all last week.  The Pie and I were both sick…so, what would any sane, adult mother do?  I wouldn’t know…I got a puppy!  This is Alice.

Ok, down to business.  My meal planning goals:

  • One grocery trip per week to cut down on impulse purchases & because it’s no walk in the park to go to the grocery with a nine month old.
  • Cook no more than three times per week.  Each cooking day should yield enough food to make two meals for each of us.
  • Delicious, easy meals that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes OR have components which can be prepped ahead of time (i.e. during the Pie’s naptime) & then be cooked in less than 30 minutes.

Meal Plan: Week of September 30, 2012

Monday – chili with rice

Tuesday – Italian chicken with pasta & lima beans (A few changes: I’ll use canned, diced tomatoes to make this dish quicker & easier.  I also used feta cheese instead of mozzarella because it was what I had in the fridge.  Never fear, it’s still delicious!)

Wednesday –chili with rice

Thursday – beef curry

Friday – Birthday Splurge for the Husband’s Bday!!! fresh salmon with pesto butter sauce (thank you, Costco!), cous cous & crowder peas

Saturday – Italian chicken with pasta & lima beans
I had a lunch sized portion of Italian chicken & two dinner sized portions of curry leftover to put in the freezer.  I consider that a big win!  I’ll post my beef curry recipe if the Pie will cooperate and take an afternoon nap :-).

What’s for dinner at your house?



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